Surveillance System Installation – ST Theresa


The surveillance camera installation project at St. Theresa Educational Institution aimed to enhance security measures, ensure student and staff safety, and protect school assets through the implementation of a comprehensive surveillance system. The project involved assessing security needs, designing an optimal camera layout, procuring high-quality equipment, and installing and configuring cameras and supporting infrastructure.

What did Loop Technologies do

The project scope included the following key activities:

Security Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify critical areas requiring surveillance coverage.

Design and Planning: Collaboratively designed a surveillance system layout, considering camera types, locations, angles, and storage requirements.

Procurement: Sourced high-quality cameras, Digital video recorders (DVRs), video management software, and supporting equipment. We used 2 sets of cameras; 8 channel analog cameras, and 16 channel IP cameras. An 8 channel DVRs , and a 16 channel NVRs was procured to support the cameras. We also got a power supply to power up the system. 

Installation and Configuration: Installed and configured cameras, DVRs, and associated infrastructure for optimal coverage and integration with the existing network. We used coaxial cables with cable trunks and a 8-channel power unit, to install the analog cameras. Furthermore, we used a CAT 6E cables and a 16 channel NVR to install the IP cameras, and using Power Over Internet (POI) we could power up the cameras. We mounted a flat-screen TV for viewing.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Conducted thorough testing to ensure proper functioning and clear video footage.

Training: Provided training to school staff on system operation, monitoring, and basic maintenance.



  1. Enhanced Security: The surveillance camera installation at St. Theresa Educational Institution significantly improved security measures, creating a deterrent for potential security threats and criminal activities.
  2. Improved Safety: Monitoring critical areas enhanced student and staff safety, ensuring a secure educational environment.
  3. Bullying and Vandalism Prevention: The presence of surveillance cameras helped discourage bullying incidents and prevent acts of vandalism within the institution.
  4. Emergency Response: Real-time monitoring and recording capabilities enabled effective incident management and response during emergencies, enhancing overall safety protocols.
  5. Asset Protection: The surveillance system successfully safeguarded valuable school assets, including equipment, computer labs, and resources, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

The surveillance camera installation project at St. Theresa Educational Institution achieved its objectives of enhancing security, improving safety, preventing bullying and vandalism, enabling effective emergency response, and protecting valuable school assets. The implementation of a comprehensive surveillance system provided a safer and more secure environment for students, staff, and visitors. St. Theresa Educational Institution is now equipped with a reliable and advanced security infrastructure to ensure the well-being and protection of the entire school community.

The Tools we used for this project

IP Cameras
Coaxial Cables
Power Unit
Cable Trunks
Hisense Flat screen TV
1 TB Hard drive

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